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About Us

Nancy & Jessica opened Rae's Kitchen in the summer of 2013 after selling two restaurants in East Texas hoping to establish a small catering business in Fairhope. The town started to grow and so did Rae's Kitchen. We specialize in Meals To Go, from comfort food and old southern favorites like Beef Stroganoff and Chicken Spaghetti, to southwest faves, low carb gluten free meals, and everything in between. Rae's also offers a variety of party foods to make hosting easy! Dips, appetizers, snacks, breakfast, anything to help on Game Day or when you're in a pinch and just didn't ever get around to making those Sausage Cheese Balls for Little Timmy's class! We also serve lunch Togo, and have a variety of catering options!

Our laid back vibes allow for our services and food to be wide range. From picnics, to cocktail parties...

From feeding your grandma, to impressing your boss, we have lots of offerings for the broad spectrum. Regardless, its all delicious.

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